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BVN Completes District Wide Video Surveillance System

BVN Completes District Wide Video Surveillance System

May 29, 2020

blueviolet Networks, the top Avigilon dealer in Southern California, completes a new district wide state of the art Avigilon video surveillance system for Irvine Unified School District. Irvine USD is one of the top school districts in California serving over 45,000 students at 43 school sites. This new Avigilon security system ensures the safety of the district’s students, staff, and facilities.

The contract for this comprehensive video surveillance project was valued at approximately 1.5 million dollars. To tackle this project BVN installed 43 servers and 509 security cameras across all 43 school sites. This amount of coverage gives the Irvine school district a complete picture of what is happening at each one of their schools on any given day.

The Avigilon security technology implemented in this project includes analytics, searchability, and remote visibility. Analytics allows the security system to identify people, vehicles, and even bicycles. Searchability allows a user to search for license plates numbers, unusual movement, and particular events. Remote visibility allows the system to be accessed off site. The primary use of this being the integration of the Irvine PD into the security system.

Now installed, Irvine USD’s Avigilon security system is utilized everyday. Whether it’s to monitor the safety of students and staff or to investigate an event it has become an easy and essential to use tool for the district. With Avigilon constantly pushing out updates and adding state of the art features to their software their security system will be even more effective. blueviolet will continue to provide support for Irvine USD, keeping their system up-to-date and running smoothly.


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