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Since 1979, blueviolet has been helping IT navigate options through the noise of emerging technologies and providing engineering support 24/7 365 days a year.

Connect for Success.

Investing in new technologies requires time, subject matter expertise and the experience to understand the interconnected dependencies of your business-critical applications. Much more than a sales agent or “consultant,” blueviolet Networks is a full-service provider who supports clients with a staff of consultants, project managers, trainers, and highly skilled, expert engineers. We offer solutions for schools, cities, and public and private companies.

blueviolet Networks. The human connection between you and your technology.


blueviolet Networks employ the very best people with the deepest knowledge of how your technologies interoperate between your local IT infrastructure and your cloud service providers. Having implemented and supported over 5000 enterprise customer deployments in Contact Center, Enterprise Communications, and complex WAN technologies, our advanced IT and VMware certified engineers can quickly identify and resolve the issue with the underlying technology provider; saving you time and eliminating finger pointing.

Single Point of Contact

Constant engagement with leading solutions providers as well as emerging technologies, allow us to navigate through the noise of marketing, helping our clients stay focused on what matters most – business drivers. Our vendor agnostic approach means there is no conflict of interest. We are your advocates from proof of concept to finding you the best terms and conditions offered by providers. There is no substitute for our experience.


Communication throughout the process helps keep deployments on time and on budget. From the initial discovery and documentation to the coordination with the many inter- dependent providers required, blueviolet Networks will manage the often-overlooked partnerships, internally and externally, that are necessary for a successful project.

Technology Solutions

Contact Center

Achieve your desired outcomes by leveraging our experts and customer focused platforms.

SD-WAN & Security

Converge the functions of SD-WAN and security into a unified service that empowers your IT team.

Cloud Communications

Giving flexibility to users, enabling access from anywhere, all while making administrative management easier.

Network Infrastructure

Helping companies design a resilient and secure solution for business critical applications.

On-Site Strategies

Solutions that can accommodate your on-site needs of today and adapt to your needs of tomorrow.

Mass Notification

Helping to notify all personnel before, during or after critical events in a way that is reliable, simple and fast.

SIP Trunks & E911 Services

Increasing efficiencies, decreasing costs and building resilience, while addressing emerging regulatory compliance.

Colocation, Cloud Storage & Backup

Enabling customization and management of mission critical applications and data.