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Where materials handling, security, and risk management converge.


Until now, we could only use sensed data to support analysis, decision-making, and process improvement. blueviolet brings applications into the 21st century by adding the efficiency and speed of integrated video. By actually seeing what is happening, and what happened, the information in your automation system is given a new and enhanced context. The results are faster and better decisions, which yield higher productivity. priority service from the manufacturer.


blueviolet’s mission is to enable widespread plant video to be integrated into existing HMI systems to improve safety, security, and productivity. Integrated on-line video can enhance the information that is being collected from the various sensors in the plant.

The benefits are better decisions and better action—by operators and first responders— and better compliance with security and safety regulations.


There is not an industry today that does not have some regulations regarding its operations. blueviolet helps you comply with regulations ranging from security to environmental protection to food and drug safety, and quality.

Because blueviolet video is automatically tagged with the meta data based on your needs, and because it is event-driven, we can provide the game highlights for documenting your operations. The same technique that is used for tracking vandalism and trespassing can be used for monitoring all areas of your plant.

Take a significant leap forward in video management software

If a photo is worth a thousand words, then video must be worth a million.

    • ✓ Integrated High Resolution Video with Scanners and Conveyor Control System to provide real time, situational comprehension.
    • ✓ Streamlined Clip Extract Extract and archive your video clips faster and more efficiently either manually using barcode read or automatically based off batch process.
    • ✓ Stop, Misreads and No-Reads as packages leave the building; Claims Research Efficiency.
    • ✓ Integrate Pattern Sorting to read packages with no label providing real time flagging & exceptions before they hit the truck.
    • ✓ Frame by Frame Nudge Advance your playback forward and backward by single frames to pinpoint exactly what was happening the moment an event occurred.
    • ✓ Enhance Search Tool – Digital zoom: Take advantage of your static high definition cameras by digitally zooming in both live and playback mode.
    • ✓ Quality Video over High Latency Links – Advanced video management and state-of-the-art video transfer drivers provide quality video over high latency data links such as satellite, legacy, or remote connections.
    • ✓ H.265, Megapixel, Certified Camera Support – Fully compatible with the complete IVC camera line, including megapixel cameras, advanced H.265
    • ✓ Reduced Storage – Unlike machine vision, we use hi- resolution security cameras to have Minimal Storage requirement (90% less). Gives the ability to store more data (3-6 months to a year) saving hundreds and thousands of dollars.

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Distribution Solutions

Below are just some of the solutions we offer for your industry.