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Epson of the Americas – A Move Toward Centralized Communication

Epson of the Americas – A Move Toward Centralized Communication

ORANGE COUNTY, CA (Dec 17, 2019) – Earlier this year, blueviolet Networks and Epson capitalized on their successful and prosperous 30 year relationship with the deployment of a 1.2 million dollar call center that will unite Epson’s offices across North America, South America, and Central AmericaMitel mul. Creating this call center, located at Epson’s corporate headquarters in Long Beach California, involved the installation of over 1,000 phones and the deployment of a timedia communication platform. This multimedia platform combines calling, emailing, and instant messaging under one consolidated location. The platform allows Epson to communicate with customers through various forms of media. Meaning that whatever way the customer prefers to communicate (phone, email, or instant messaging), Epson is prepared to give them the best service possible through that media.

In tackling this project blueviolet leveraged their 40 years of Mitel system knowledge. The phone system and platform built by blueviolet allows the Epson’s Long Beach headquarters to be the center of their larger constellation of offices throughout the Americas. This centralization of service gives Epson a sleek business model and a customer oriented system. Epson plans to expand their centralized network to all of the Americas by connecting their offices in Canada, Central and South America to this network. blueviolet Networks will be the cornerstone of implementing this centralization and bring all of these offices into Epsons unified network. With the Long Beach headquarters at the center this would allow Epson to enjoy the perks of centralization throughout the entirety of the Americas.

In addition to the creation of Epson’s Long Beach call center, blueviolet also provides 24/7 total technical network support. This technical support is paramount in ensuring that such a centralized and integral system works properly and efficiently. blueviolet’s engineers are able to service and modify the system on a moments notice to guarantee smooth operation. This level of service involves troubleshooting issues on the fly, diagnosing problems to find the root cause, and providing the best solution to complete whatever changes Epson requests. All of this handled in a friendly and prompt manner.

With the Long Beach call center up and running, Epson and blueviolet Networks are moving into the future of communication together. A future that capitalizes on centralized communication networks to meet customer’s changing communication needs and customer communication trends.


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