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Opportunity to Rise to the Occasion

Opportunity to Rise to the Occasion

Like every business around the world, during the Covid-19 crisis we found ourselves on a very different path in 2020 facing this global pandemic. Nobody could have anticipated this happening.

Our clients needed our help immediately and more than ever to continue their business operations and communications in a very different business model than they’ve ever had. Many of our clients had a blended environment with office and remote workers, some had 100% office worker environments, however few had a 100% “Work from Anywhere” environment. This meant that for most of our clients, some changes or a very big change had to take place.

In a very short time frame, we assisted our clients with different configurations depending on their specific needs and desired outcomes of how they would operate during this time. For many, the objectives shifted the longer it was understood that the lockdown would continue. What started as a temporary configuration turned into a desire for many to put a plan in place that would replace the former operations.

We now all understand the importance of being prepared to support the “Work from Anywhere” model. To quote one of our clients “It was not important, until it was.”

We created a seven-step plan to assist our clients dealing with Covid-19:

  1. Establish the foundation of how users will work depending on their home environment set-up and role with the organization.
  2. Design the solution providing optimal security
  3. Work with our clients to ensure that employees who take or make calls at home have no impact to service quality?
  4. Training plan to help employees optimize the remote set up and applications to communicate in a dispersed environment.
  5. ​Assist with any changes to the IVR or routing to adjust to new business hours that some clients implemented during Covid-19.
  6. Make any changes need to ensure that our customers’ most import integrations that they depend continue to function
  7. Enable the team to access the data and analytics that they need to manage the business

A big thank you to all of our clients who worked collaboratively with our teams to uncover the best method to achieve the outcomes during this very difficult time. We are thankful for your continued partnership. #teamwork

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Based in Southern California, blueviolet Networks, a proud division of The Cook & Boardman Group, LLC., provides customized access control, video surveillance, and communications solutions throughout North America. We specialize in a variety of verticals including education, government, distribution, and hospitality and are continuously evolving, integrating new technology. We are a true full-service solutions partner, providing organizations with best in class products, while focusing on service with a full staff of consultants, project managers, trainers and highly skilled, expert engineers.

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blueviolet Networks

Providing customized communications solutions, video surveillance, and access control throughout North America.