Detect, Verify, And Act On Critical Events.

Our video solutions provide you with the right information at the right time so you can take decisive action. Powered by advanced AI and video analytics we keep our technology simple and easy to use, letting you focus on what matters most.

Protect What Matters.

Since 1979, blueviolet has implemented best of breed technology to produce extraordinary results for clients in schools, government, and for public and private companies across North America. We are continuously evolving, integrating new technology, and are what we call a ‘modern interpretation’ of a security solutions provider.

Our security division was founded on deep IT roots and is driven by integrated application solutions, while focusing on industry leading security products. This focus enabled blueviolet to become an expert not only in a product’s unique capabilities, but also in implementing and servicing security systems.

One of the top brands we represent is Avigilon, to which blueviolet is the most capable and innovative Avigilon partner in the U.S. and is the #1 Avigilon dealer in Southern California.

blueviolet Networks. The human connection between you and your technology.

blueviolet is an industry leader in end-to-end video security, megapixel cameras, and AI driven analytics. The key benefit of end-to-end solutions put most simply, is that the technology is easier to install and support over time, making the end user’s experience simple and intuitive.

A unified video platform with Access Control provides enhanced security with unique capabilities. These integrated systems verify access control alarms with paired video footage, informing your access control response with actionable data, while linking visual and physical matches for superior situational awareness (available on mobile devices).

Backed by research and development, you have a market leader that outpaces the competition today and will continue to do so in the future. The system you install today will evolve with your organizational needs, with new features and solutions.

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Access Control & Intelligent Surveillance Solutions

Gunshot Detection

Recognize gunshots immediately, locating the source, and automatically notifying the local police and issuing a lockdown.

Unusual Activity Detection

Trigger alerts when people or vehicles are detected in non-authorized areas at night or weekends. (View alerts and video on any mobile device.)

Weapons Detection

Object (weapons) Detection can identify some weapons in real time to protect your employees or students before an active shooter situation is initiated.

Body Worn Camera

Protect employees with body cameras that seamlessly integrate with any Avigilon video management system.

Facial Recognition

AI-powered facial recognition helps you accelerate response times by quickly identifying people of interest.

Appearance Search

Find who you’re looking for faster, over vast amounts of recorded video with ease.

License Plate Recognition

Accurately capture license plates in all conditions, day and night. Add license plate to black list for alerts.

Access Control

Integrate access control with video surveillance. Secure your site and know exactly what is happening and where.