Active Shooter Detection System

Multi-Channel Active Shooter Warnings with Real- time Alerts for Immediate Response.

Employ a crticial event management ecosystem that can instantly and accurately detect gunshots, issue automatic lockdowns, deliver messages with specific ‘evacuate’ or ‘shelter-in-place’ instructions to everyone in harm’s way, and immediately notify first responders and security officers with real-time situational awareness.

blueviolet partners with leading gunshot detection systems like The Guardian Sensor by Shooter Detection Systems; the industry’s leading gunshot detection system of choice performance certified by US and UK government agencies with a revolutionary design that has proven to improve accuracy, processing time and speed that ultimately saves lives.

Keep your school, business, government building or public grounds safe by implementing a critical event management ecosystem with blueviolet Networks.

Watch what really happens during an active shooter event.

SDS Guardian / Mass Notification Integration

Real-time Information

Sub-one second alerting with vital information on gunshot location, shooter movement, and positions of endangered groups and individuals.

ZERO False Alerts

Acoustic and Infrared validation for ZERO false alerts when every second counts*
*<1 false alert per five million hours of use

Immediate Response

Within seconds, the system can globally lock all campus doors, notify select recipiants via SMS and e-mail,, and alert police of the location immediately.

Fully Scalable

Flexible notification options from notifying local law enforcement to notifying global security teams immediately of an event.

Seamless Integration

Integrate your existing video, access control (for lock-down), and emergency notification systems, giving your organization the ultimate safety system.

Wireless or Wired

Available in both a Wireless/Battery- Powered and a Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) sensor to best fit infrastructure and budgetary needs.