When seconds count. Speed Up Action. 

The SENTRI system enables organizations to not only recognize gunshots and explosions immediately, but also integrates with systems to signal local law enforcement and automatically lockdown perimeters.

SENTRI by Safety Dynamics is an acoustic smart sensor that recognizes gunshots and explosions and sends range and bearing details to powerful pan/tilt/zoom video cameras that can locate the source of the event (confirmed to +/- 1 degree) while immediately signaling the local police department and auto lock down the campus.

The SENTRI system employs a gunshot detection approach based on neurobiological principles of brain signal processing, allowing accurate pattern recognition of acoustic gunshot signals even in the presence of high noise.

Safety Dynamics has trained the neural networks that serve as part of the recognition functions to detect various calibers of gunshot and to ignore other loud noises thus virtually eliminating all false alarms, and will zero the camera sensor immediately on the shooter.

The system has been offering law enforcement and military users a powerful tool to make arrests in gun crimes for years and now the technology is available for all types of facilities, from government buildings and institutions like schools/ universities to private establishments such as night clubs/ bars and concert venues.

  • Stand-alone system that contains its own power and network.
  • Detects gunshots/explosions in ranges up to 1/2 mile.
  • Provides an audible alarm in <1 second to command centers or networked viewing devices.
  • Instantly puts “eyes on scene,” integrating with pan/tilt/zoom cameras.
  • Automatically notifies local police for quick on-scene emergency help.
  • Real-time shooter identification with built in facial recognition.
  • For indoor or outdoor use.
  • Automatically locks down facilities or campus.
  • Existing systems such as network infrastructure (wired or wireless)
  • Multi-sensor technology such as LPR, RFID, Traffic Control Systems
  • IP controlled devices such as doors, gates, and lights
  • Mapping systems such as Google Earth and Map Point
  • Any video surveillance that Supports external alarm notifications (ex: Avigilon, Verint, DVTel, & Milestone)

Since SENTRI was deployed in Cherry Hill, homicides, shootings, discharging involving firearms have declined by 50% according to Baltimore City Officials in a letter to the DOJ.

A study confirmed with SENTRI deployed, gunshot detection “founded evidence” increased by 159% and video of evidential value leading to apprehension increased by 267%. In addition, personnel were alerted & promptly dispatched officers to f incidents 1 to 3 minutes BEFORE 911 calls were placed.


Safety Dynamics SENTRI system is an advanced gunshot detection system that virtually eliminates all false alarms and zeros the camera sensor immediately on the shooter. Now available with built in facial recognition, the system us offering law enforcement and military users a powerful tool to make arrests in gun crimes.