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5 Ways a Contact Center Can Improve Customer Experience

5 Ways a Contact Center Can Improve Customer Experience

Most would agree that Contact centers are the epicenter of the Customer Experience.  While it is the responsibility of every employee in any role to embrace company culture and to provide a great customer experience, the contact center is where there is the most opportunity to shine and let your brand stand out.

1. Contact Centers are serving

Businesses can service their customers through a variety of channels such as SMS text, Instagram, WhatsApp as well as through a phone call.  With an omnichannel approach, businesses can serve their customers where they are in the buying process as well as give the customer the ability to choose a contact method which is most convenient for them.

2. Contact centers give businesses the ability to help answer complex questions

Intelligent contact centers empower agents to answer more nuanced questions from customers quickly and efficiently such as ‘do you have this shirt in green.’ AI-empowered applications like Agent Assist can provide your teams with coaching and information at their fingertips to provide a quick and efficient experience.

3. Streamline Business Processes and Applications

Organizations that integrate their Contact Centers with their core business applications can leverage the data stored in their core database and make it actionable.  Collecting valuable information at the beginning of an interaction and utilizing that information to provide a more personalized experience will elevate the customer experience you provide your customers.

4. Ability to pivot is paramount

Empowering agents with the ability to pivot to different contact mediums, in the moment, is crucial in 2022. While serving a customer, they may want to jump from a text conversation to a video call to show the agent a physical problem, such as, a hole in the new t-shirt they just bought etc. Giving your agents the tools to solve problems in a turnkey way could be the difference of a happy customer and someone who may look elsewhere the next time they make a purchase.

5. Analytics provide insights that will help you achieve your business outcomes

Analytics can provide many datapoints that can help you understand your customers’ journey, trends, agent behavior, customer sentiment and so much more.  This can help identify product issues, staffing problems and other patterns that are hurting your bottom line. Having an analytics platform in place that is turnkey and actionable should be the central point of your contact center solution. Fortunately, reporting systems are only improving every day.

Contact Centers require specialized industry knowledge gained from decades of experience. To enhance the end user customer experience, you must also understand the internal agents processes and their interconnected technologies necessary to support the customer journey. Contact blueviolet to learn more about how contact centers can help improve your business’ customer and employee experience.

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