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Campus Safety: Gunshot Detection Technology Every Campus Can’t Afford to Ignore

Campus Safety: Gunshot Detection Technology Every Campus Can’t Afford to Ignore

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif. (October 6, 2021) – In the event of a campus shooting, how can a security team or a standard video camera system detect an active shooter? And when a shooter is finally identified, who calls 911? All of these decisions can take time away from saving lives in the event of a tragedy.

With mass shootings on the rise in the US, active shooter solutions have entered the market. We’ve seen ballistic glass, door locks and panic buttons, all of which are helpful, but none of which are preventative solutions. The benefits of Indoor Gunshot Detection Systems enable automatic lockdowns and immediate notifications to parties who can still get out of harms way. Below are some benefits when implementing these systems:

Instant Information Transmission

Gunshot detection systems are comprised of sensors which are strategically positioned within facilities and transmit alerts through a platform. Along with the gunshot detection, the system transmits where, when and alerts authorities automatically.

Response Time

The average shooting begins and ends within 5 minutes, with an average of one death occurring every 5 to 15 seconds. A Gunshot Detection System automates the detection process with the highest possible level of accuracy. Within seconds, the system can globally lock all campus doors and alert police of the location immediately.

For example, in the case of the Virginia Tech shooting, the perpetrator fired an initial shot and then returned over 30 minutes later to finish the crime. If the Gunshot Detection System was implemented, the initial shot would have automatically been detected, alerted authorities of the location within seconds and the shooter would have been caught after the first shot.

Seamless Integration for Automation

Gunshot Detection improves overall gunshot awareness, and can provide seamless integration with your existing video, access control (for lock-down), and emergency notification systems, giving your campus, dorm, facility, warehouse the ultimate safety system on the market today.

blueviolet’s newest product offering consists of the Indoor Gunshot Detection System by Shooter Detection Systems. Guardian is the industry’s leading indoor gunshot detection system of choice performance certified by US and UK government agencies. The system has proven to improve accuracy, processing time, speed and revolutionary design and ultimately helps save lives. You can’t afford to not implement this technology today.

SDS Guardian / Mass Notification Integration

About Shooter Detection Systems

Shooter Detection Systems believes that every citizen deserves the right to the highest protection against active shooters in their everyday locations as employees at work, students in school, and as visitors to municipal, government, recreational and retail spaces. As a critical part of accomplishing this goal, they are equally dedicated to the protection of critical infrastructure against shooter threats to homeland security. Overall, SDS is committed to improving the global security infrastructure by developing gunshot detection solutions that far exceed industry standards for quality, safety and performance and that will reduce response time, provide greater clarity in communications, and save lives in active shooter incidents.


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