Mitel 5606 Wireless Phone

Mitel 5606 Wireless and Alarm Wireless Phone

5606-wirelessphone.jpg These robust wireless phones are designed specifically for healthcare and industrial environment as well as for environments where security and safety are of concern. In addition to the expected range of features and accessories; the Mitel 5606 Wireless Phone raises the bar by providing an illuminated keypad, protection from moisture, solvents, dust and shock, as well as send/receive messaging capability. The 5606 (Alarm) Wireless Phone provides an alarm button on the phone for a 'personal' alarm function and the ability to send an alarm based on 'man-down' or 'no-movement' conditions.

5606 Wireless Phone:

  • Dust, moisture and shock resistant - IP64 compliant
  • Graphical illuminated display - adjustable character size for messages
  • SIM card - stores user profile and settings
  • Local phonebook
  • Corporate phonebook (requires Mitel Wireless Services Messaging gateway)
  • Call log
  • Messaging/alert capable (send/receive/acknowledge)
  • Vibrator alert
  • Loudspeaker function
  • Headset connector - moisture/dust compatible
  • Carrying clip
  • Battery (up to 20 hours of talk time / up to 140 hours of standby time)
  • Desktop charger (optional)
  • North American DECT and European DECT variants

5606 (Alarm) Wireless Phone:

  • Alarm capability - alarm button, man down, no movement

System features supported:

  • Voicemail access with message waiting indication
  • Hold/retrieve with music on hold
  • Call forward
  • Transfer
  • Three party conference (transfer functionality reduced when conference configured)
  • Call waiting and retrieve
  • Do not disturb
  • Call pickup
  • Call park (slot number not specifiable)

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We install Mitel phone systems in Orange County, LA County, across Southern California and nationwide. Blue Violet Networks is a leading Mitel dealer, recently named the #1 Mitel Dealer in California, and has been providing reliable, secure business solutions for over 30 years. For information on product and application interoperability, please contact Blue Violet Networks sales support.

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