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Mitel and Blackberry's Game Changer: converging desk phones with mobile devices. Blackberry MVS 5.0 integrates with Mitel's IP PBX to mobilize desk phone functionality. Reap the benefits of lower costs, competitive advantages and increased corporate productivity with Mitel Mobility for Blackberry.

Mitel Mobility for BlackBerry Mobile Voice System (BlackBerry MVS) changes the game in voice communications by enabling access to your Mitel PBX features directly from your BlackBerry smartphone. The Mitel solution is designed to unify your desk phone with your Blackberry smart phone making it easier than ever for customers to reach you on a single number wherever you go. And since you can host both your Mitel and BlackBerry MVS environments on the VMware vSphereTM 4 virtualization platform, you can consolidate and simplify management.

Extending the PBX

Use your Blackberry smartphone to access handy desk phone features like conference call, call transfer and extension dialing. Your mobile device provides the tools to conduct business efficiently anywhere. Employees remain available and connected to the business, enabling more cost-effective communication, quicker problem resolution, and faster decision making.

Better yet, you get seamless call hand-off between all those devices: desk phones, BlackBerry smartphones, home phones and other cellular devices. For example, an employee can answer a customer call at their desk, continue it on their cell phone, and wrap it up on a home line - all without interruption. Regardless of the device at hand, other employees benefit from instant, universal, access to status and presence information.

Key Features:

  • One Office Number - when calling out, contacts will see your desk phone’s caller ID. When receiving calls, both phones ring simultaneously, this means fewer missed calls!
  • Voice over Wi-Fi - calls can be made over Wi-Fi to help cut cellular phone costs.
  • One Voice Mail - Imagine a single business voicemail to check. Employees are conveniently notified of new messages on their Blackberry home screen.

True Location Based Intelligence

blackberry mvs dynamic status Remembering to set - and then cancel - phone settings like call forwarding can be burdensome. Workers can use their BlackBerry smartphones to access the Unified Communicator® (UC) Advanced Mobile Portal and update information, check corporate contact details, presence, and voice mail message details.

Dynamic Status can be configured to control call routing options. Better yet, using location-aware technologies in your BlackBerry smartphone like GPS and Bluetooth, you can achieve true situational intelligence to ensure that phones stay automatically in tune with your users’ needs as they move through the day.

For example, a user can have all calls - except from the boss - sent to voicemail when Dynamic Status detects that their phone is connected to the boardroom Bluetooth receiver. Wherever they are, users have access to the entire organization and its toolset.

Watch the BlackBerry MVS Demo

Please take a few minutes to watch the BlackBerry Mobile Voice System demo on Blackberry's website.

Blackberry Mobile Voice System Demo

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Blackberry and Mitel Mobility can turn business outside of the office into success. Find out how Blackberry MVS can improve your communications, get in touch with us today.

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