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Enterprise Mobility for iPhone
Mitel Mobility ensures employees are always in touch. As a continuance of Mitel’s Freedom Architecture, going mobile with Mitel empowers your organization with several choices to gain the freedom you need to work anywhere, on any device. The flexibility of enterprise mobility ensures all employees have the mobility solutions they need to remain connected and productive whether they're using an iPhone, iPad, Android or laptop. Mitel's Mobility Solutions build high-performance businesses by helping:

Employees get the in-office experience - regardless of their location getting all the telephony features of the office extended to the mobile device of their choice.

Give workers a single identity across all devices and media—One number, One voicemail box, One extension. Dial and receive calls from your office extension no matter where you are.

Mitel allows you to integrate any mobile device into your network - leveraging
smart technology - without introducing complexity.

Make your clients feel important.
Ensure employees are always reachable and responsive to their calls.

Brilliant software solutions built for multiple devices

Utilize Mitel Unified Communicator (UC) Advanced on your desktop and mobile device to empower your mobility with integrated presence and availability, secure instant messaging, audio conferencing as well as web and video collaboration with the call control capabilities of your business communications system. So what does it look like? Watch the short video below to see for yourself:

How do I know if my organization can benefit from Mitel Mobility?

  • Do you have employees who are on the road often?
  • Do customers struggle to know how to contact your people?
  • Do you have 10 - 2500 employees?
  • Do your employees need to communicate with customers outside of the office while using your corporate identity?
  • Are you spending a fortune on cell phone bills?

…if you answered yes to any of these questions, Mitel mobility can
help you stay connected.

Whether workers are attached to a desk, walking the halls, at home, or on the road they get the same seamless experience on a mobile device that is available in the office, regardless of where they are. Mitel's enterprise mobility solutions help workers in organizations of all kinds to continue their productivity and innovation.

Turn the tables on the expense of communicating in today’s mobile workplace with Mitel mobility solutions. We can help turn mobility's innovation into practical solutions fit for your business. Contact us today for your complimentary Mobility quote.
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Mobility Apps to add to Your Mitel Freedom Architecture

Remote Workers
Mitel Teleworker enables employees to work remotely, from home or around the globe, with full access to voice mail, conferencing, and other features of the office phone system. It's a secure plug & play solution for any Mitel IP phone.
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Mitel Mobility for Blackberry
Blackberry MVS 5.0 integrates with Mitel's IP PBX to mobilize desk phone functionality. Reap the benefits of lower costs, competitive advantages and increased corporate productivity with Mitel Mobility for Blackberry.
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Mobile Workers
These “road warriors” are always on the go, choosing from a growing array of new technologies and devices to help work smarter.
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In-Building Mobility
Today’s equivalent of the traditional office worker includes a growing number of “corridor warriors” who are no longer tied to their desks.
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Voice Solutions

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