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BlazeCast | Next-Generation Notification System


BlazeCast is a cross-media unified notification and paging solution that is designed to meet the communication needs of different organizations, from schools to hospitals, corporations to retail chains.

  • Broadcast a message to IP/land/mobile phones, PC desktops, SMS, email and by paging to overhead speaker and IP phones all at once from a single point of activation
  • Personalized voice messages using natural-sounding text-to-speech
  • One-click broadcast with pre-recorded messages and saved recipient lists
  • Deliver messages to different locations across your campus or buildings by using BlazeCast IP paging
  • Find-me and message receipt confirmation feedback ensures important messages are received within a timeframe for compliance and audits
  • Know who received the message with up to the second live updating reports as your broadcast happens
  • Instantly discuss with key people with BlazeCast's dial-out reservationless conferencing

Message Delivery

  • Home, work, mobile phone and voicemail
  • Personalized voice notification campaigns using text-to-speech
  • HTML/text messages directly to IP phone displays with confirmation
  • Email and SMS
  • PC desktop alerts
  • Broadcast over IP and analog speakers and PA systems
  • Dynamic zoning and targeted paging

Live Conferencing

  • Automatically bring recipients into a conference after a broadcast
  • Reservationless and always available

Find-Me Technology

  • Calls recipients using their prioritized list of phone numbers, until they are reached

Business Planning

  • Future proof - uses open SIP standard
  • Interoperability with a variety of different PBXs
  • Legacy support - adaptable to existing systems
  • Available in a redundant active-standby server configuration

Simple to Use

  • Intuitive web interface
  • Access from anywhere

Gather Responses Live

  • Recipients can respond to messages using their touch-tone phone, soft key on IP phones, or PC

Contact Management

  • Integrates with Active Directory, LDAP, and other contact management systems
  • Flexible import engine automatically imports contacts through common formats from existing databases on a scheduled basis

Monitoring & Reporting

  • Up to the second real-time monitoring of broadcasts
  • Complete reports available through the web or exported for analysis
  • Drill-down into detailed report data

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