Mitel IP Programmable Modules

Mitel IP Programmable Key Modules


The 12- and 48-button Mitel IP Programmable Key Modules (PKMs) extend the capabilities of the Mitel 5224, 5235 and 5324 IP Phones with additional buttons and LED indicators. With these expansion modules, you can easily add 12 or 48 or up to 96 buttons to the existing buttons of the 5224, 5235 or 5324 IP Phone. The IP PKM Interface Module added to an IP Phone allows the IP PKM 12 or 48 to be easily connected to the IP phone, without the requirement for an additional LAN port.

These 12, 48 or 96 additional personal keys can be programmed as feature keys, speedcall keys, Direct Station Select (DSS) keys, or line appearance keys. Each key has a line status indicator that works the same way as those on the associated telephone. The additional keys can be easily programmed through the telephone or by the system administrator.

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