Mitel 5550 IP Console

Mitel 5550 IP Console


The Mitel 5550 IP Console is an advanced PC-based enterprise attendant solution with a highly intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) that utilizes screen-based call status along with call handling prompts, and real-time busy lamp field (BLF) status, making it the complete answer point solution for any corporation. The 5550 IP Console is ideal for high volume, efficient call handling environments using the Mitel Communications Director (MCD) platform.

The 5550 IP Console seamlessly integrates with the Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 to provide attendants with advanced e-mail, instant messaging, and presence status, making it easy to share information throughout the corporation.

Multi-tenanting support on the 5550 IP Console makes it easy for several companies to share a single answer point. Attendants are prompted with Call Greeting Cards for incoming calls, making it more efficient and easier for attendants to greet callers and direct calls to multiple companies. Attendants feel more comfortable answering phones with the Additional Data Fields and Transfer Assistant to guide them.

Teleworking and Secure Call Recorder Connector support through Mitel Border Gateway (MBG) provides a very flexible solution. Attendants have the ability to work from home, freeing up expensive office space while providing support though flex-scheduling during peak call traffic times.

Mitel 5550 IP Console provides additional features such as:

  • My Call History, providing an inclusive history of all calls handled by a particular console
  • All Console Call History, providing all attendants with a complete call history of all calls that have been handled, giving the attendants the ability to track down difficult transfers
  • Transfer Assistant, providing a most recent and most frequent panel to allow for easy, efficient transfers
  • Presence, e-mail, and instant messaging capability with Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 integration
  • Busy lamp field (BLF) capability allows attendants to monitor up to 5,000 extensions or line appearance statuses on a single MCD, or across a cluster or network of MCDs
  • Multiple BLF lists and ability to customize BLF views with tile-based BLF
  • Comprehensive Hospitality feature set
  • Multiple customizable areas to allow attendants to present information the way they want it to be displayed
  • Attendant reports available with the Mitel Call Accounting integration
  • Incoming Calls list provides visual indication of all incoming calls, allowing attendants to prioritize calls and customize their greeting based on the calling line information
  • Direct Station Select (DSS) feature enables attendants to answer internal ringing extensions
  • Calls on Hold with Notes provides attendants with additional information to handle calls with a personal touch
  • On-screen Scratch Pad window for notes, message taking, and Alpha Numeric Support (Text to Number)
  • On-screen Bulletin Board for displaying information to all attendants who are using the 5550 IP Console
  • Ability to recover the last transfer with a single button
  • Call Answering Priority allows attendants to connect calls based on pre-programmed criteria
  • Call Waiting Threshold allows incoming calls to be routed to other consoles, reducing wait times
  • Dual handset / headset jacks for monitoring or training new attendants
  • Language Support for English, French (Canadian / European), Spanish (North American / European), Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Swedish, and Simplified Chinese

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