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Avigilon Control Center, with High Definition Stream Management (HDSM), is the award winning high definition network video management software that delivers full situation awareness and indisputable detail, leading to faster response times, reduced investigation times, and superior overall protection.

Available as stand alone software, or pre-installed and configured on an Avigilon NVR, the Avigilon Control Center is a secure distributed network platform with enterprise class reliability for capturing, managing, and storing high definition multi-megapixel surveillance video while efficiently managing bandwidth and storage.

Avigilon Control Center records and manages both audio and video from the world's broadest range of multi-megapixel IP cameras, from 1 to 16 megapixels. In addition, the system can accommodate conventional and PTZ analog cameras and both audio and video from a broad range of 3rd party IP cameras, and encoders from leading manufacturers. It provides the best evidence that only the industry’s leading High Definition surveillance solution can deliver while leveraging existing security investments. Avigilon Control Center provides the ability to build a hybrid system that allows a budget conscious migration from analog to digital.

Focused on the needs of security professionals, Avigilon Control Center has a powerful, yet intuitive, easy to use interface that allows operators to efficiently evaluate and respond to events with minimal training.

Multi-Megapixel High Dynamic Range Image Display

Avigilon Megapixel High Dynamic Image Display
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With Avigilon, you'll be able to maintain situational awareness while analyzing detailed regions of interest from a single camera or several. Use multiple viewing tabs and cycle them automatically to allow one operator views of cameras from multiple locations throughout large enterprise systems. Save viewing parameters for simple and repeatable setup of complex multi-camera viewing configurations.

Digitally zoom and pan within an image while automatic dynamic contrast enhancement reveals low light details for unmatched digital PTZ performance using a mouse or surveillance joystick. Avigilon Control Center supports control room monitor wall displays of live or recorded high definition surveillance footage across multiple high resolution widescreen monitors.

Avigilon Megapixel High Dynamic Image Display
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Integrated Graphic Mapping for System Layout

Advanced graphic mapping interface enables operators to layout cameras and servers on an imported map for easy navigation of large surveillance systems. Maps can be layered and nested allowing easy navigation through satellite maps, multi-story buildings and very large areas.

High Definition Recording and Playback

Advanced timeline interface with unique integrated drag to zoom capability allows full control over high definition surveillance video playback in forward and reverse at variable speeds up to 8 times faster than real time. A rapidly updating playback system allows intuitive jog, or shuttle, playback to identify key events and subtle changes.

Bookmark and Export HD Surveillance Footage
Securely bookmark and export movies or still images in industry standard formats or in Avigilon lossless format for dynamic offsite forensic enhancement by third parties such as law enforcement officials. Exported video can be managed via the Avigilon Control Center Player, a powerful playback application with all the tools required for analyzing and reviewing captured HD surveillance footage. Bookmarked events are indexed to allow rapid searching using user defined metadata. Bookmark protection ensures bookmarked events are kept permanently on the NVR.

Event Triggered Recording
Set recording parameters independently for each camera to record on schedule, motion or external alarm events. Collect reference images at predetermined intervals between triggered full motion recording events.

Video Search Software

Avigilon Megapixel High Dynamic Image Display
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Find scene changes, missing objects, and events fast, with the industry’s quickest high definition video search. Unique subregion thumbnail searching allows you to rapidly find small changes within HD surveillance covering large areas.

Quickly and accurately navigate through large amounts of recorded high definition video with camera specific event logs.

Advanced Software Features

Alarm Monitoring
Alarm monitoring allows the creation of complete end-to-end workflows for the monitoring, assignment, and acknowledgement of alarms. Alarms can be triggered by any internal system event as well as external triggers from third party access control and building management systems. Alarms can be assigned to specific individuals, ranked by priority, and automatically trigger actions on acknowledgement.

Avigilon Megapixel High Dynamic Image Display
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POS Transaction Engine
Combine HD surveillance footage with transaction data to address compliance requirements and reduce shrinkage and theft. Associated video from linked transactions can be instantly reviewed, including accessing individual transactions using a powerful search function. Exception filtering and reporting allows the triggering of events when transactions match specified criteria (watch the video demo here).

Acquisition Manager
Avigilon’s unique high definition acquisition manager ensures all Avigilon cameras, regardless of resolution, are always configured to collect the best possible image over a wide range of lighting conditions.

Configure multiple independent camera specific motion detection zones for pre, or post motion triggered recording. Configure groups of cameras to record from a single alarm event.

Avigilon Megapixel High Dynamic Image Display
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Simple Camera and Server Installation
Complex network configuration is eliminated by the Avigilon Control Center plug and play capabilities for NVRs and cameras which automatically identify themselves on the network, without manual configuration or searching, allowing fast and consistent system deployment and management.

Detailed Management, Monitoring, and Reporting of System Status and Security
Maintain detailed logs of storage, network, and overall system status to ensure the highest possible system uptime required for critical applications.

Administrative access allows and controls hierarchical user groups with varying security privileges, limit access to live and recorded data from individual cameras based on a user’s configured privileges.

Avigilon's powerful rules engine enables administrators and operators to map any camera or system event to a set output action, including triggering output alarm relays, for faster identification and improved response times. Programmable e-mail alerts provide rapid remote notification in the event of camera tampering, system alert, alarm, or motion event.

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