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Ultra High Definition Video

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Operations personnel carry an important role in monitoring day-to-day operational procedures. From overseeing everyday tasks like shipping and receiving merchandise to overseeing procedures like transferring hazardous liquids. Operational personnel rely on powerful video surveillance software to monitor efficiently. Operational add-ons within Avigilon Control Center such as HD Point-of-Sale (POS) Transaction Engine, Facial Recognition, License Plate Recognition, paired with Ultra High Definition Video—for operations, things just got a whole lot better.

POS Transaction Engine (Watch the video below)

The Avigilon Control Center POS Transaction Engine is a highly effective add-on tool for associating any character based transaction data—such as point of sale data or barcode scanning for inventory delivery management — with visually lossless high definition video. Using the video surveillance industry’s fastest search engine, operations personnel can quickly search surveillance footage with specific POS transaction data to address operational and/or safety regulations. The transaction information is then simultaneously displayed alongside live or recorded HD video.

Since transactions are coupled with associated video it enables operations personnel to quickly find video surveillance footage associated with a specific transaction. The POS engine associates transactions from barcode scanners, cash registers, or automated teller machines (ATM) etc., to a single HD camera (Shop surveillance cameras here). When transactions match specified criteria, exception filtering & reporting can be applied for automated event triggers: on-screen alerts, email alerts, and other system functions.

Search POS Transactions features (watch video above)

  • Searchable time ranges by days, hours, minutes, and even seconds
  • Choosing which POS transaction sources to search
  • Searchable text fields
  • Displays intuitive search results in table format
  • Displays recorded HD video of the event alongside transaction data
  • Export event or export to a file

Avigilon’s POS engine paired with visually lossless high definition video is the exception that sets this software apart from the rest. First, in Avigilon Control Center what you see live is exactly what is recorded. Secondly, its DVRs show live raw analog and record highly compressed video for better analysis. Finally, it’s available with all video streams recorded in ACC including 3rd party IP cameras. Operations can rely on the intelligence of CCTV software in a single intuitive interface that displays crisp HD video.

Ultra High Definition Video

Wireless Video Cameras

When the operations staff need to zoom-in from hundreds of feet out it is imperative that no detail is lost. Avigilon brings fierce video clarity in HD—supported by up to 29 megapixel cameras. These cameras offer smart zooming for facial identification and license plate recognition, even in situations where lighting isn’t ideal, its performance to a traditional camera simply can’t compare. For instance, Avigilon’s state-of-the-art high-resolution cameras enable operations to identify faces clearer, sustaining the details, without the fuzzy blur. Additionally, as cameras zoom-in to capture license plate details, the white balance adjusts so you obtain brighter, crisper plate numbers.

Have you experienced situations where incidents were either missed entirely or if captured, the image was too grainy and classified as inadmissible? We’ve all been there; safety mistakes or crime incidents were missed, inventory improperly processed, you name it. Reduce those percentages and improve operational efficiency by taking advantage of Avigilon’s smart software add-ons with Ultra High Definition Video.

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