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Comdasys Mobile Convergence

Comdasys Fixed Mobile Convergence

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Each New Year brings productivity advances and this year brings a very interesting mobility solution from Comdasys [kom-duh-sis]. They enable the people of the enterprise to fully integrate free VoIP calls using smart phones through the corporate PBX. This means that customers call a single number, and through Wi-Fi or cellular, they always reach the right person. Communication is improved, and those pesky cell phone bills, reduced. For some of us, it’s a win on all sides — hellooo Comdasys!

How Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) Works

Fixed Mobile Convergence for the Enterprise

PBX features on your mobile device with FMC

Users’ Cell Phone Benefits
  • Both PBX and Unified Communication features are available for PBX extension dialing and IM/SMS. It’s a full-featured office desk phone, only it fits in your pocket.
  • Phone dying during a call? Hand it over to a desk phone without interruption, go ahead, they’ll never know.
  • In a building with no service? No problem. Make that call over Wi-Fi, it’s so easy you’ll never want to use your cell minutes again.
ITs’ Benefits
  • The mobile application will automatically use the optimal baseband (e.g. Wi-Fi) or cellular route (LCR) without sacrificing quality or features.
  • No need to replace desktop phones or upgrade your PBX, it leverages your existing communication infrastructure and equipment.
  • Application install and configuration can be pre-installed on handsets, provisioned over-the-air, downloaded from the web, or an email-attachment.

Download Resources
Comdasys Mobile Convergence Presentation
Comdasys Recipient of Frost Sullivan Award for Market Leadership

See a Live FMC Demo.

Ask an Account Manager about enterprise mobile convergence

At Blue Violet Networks we cater to businesses of all sizes so we appreciate its ability to scale from small groups to thousands of users, without added device management — something your IT department will like too. Get in touch to see for yourself.

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