The City of Laguna Niguel Expands Public Wi-Fi


City of Laguna Niguel Expands Wireless Wi-Fi

ORANGE COUNTY, CA (May 5, 14) - Earlier this year the OC Register announced Blue Violet Network’s project with the City of Laguna Niguel to install free public Wi-Fi. Since the City Hall and Public Library had Wi-Fi added a few years ago, the City had a growing need to provide employees and visitors with the same secure access to the Internet at more locations around the city. The additional sites are Crown Valley Community Park, the 20,000 square foot concrete Skate Park, and the Sea Country Senior Center. Whether visitors are at the pool to support the Crown Valley Dive team or enjoying the skate park, free Wi-Fi is just a tap away (How to connect to WiFi).

In late 2013 the City decided to expand the Wi-Fi amenity from City Hall and the Library into more destinations. The City needed a scalable Wi-Fi solution with impeccable speed performance to support a high volume of users. Those users being employees and visitors, who can use their mobile devices for the most demanding bandwidth-intensive applications like video or video chat, voice over WLAN for placing calls over Wi-Fi instead of through their service provider, as well as the ability to check their e-mail, use GPS location services, or connect to the Internet.

“One reason we decided to upgrade was because we wanted all the locations to live on the same system as City Hall. A single location to monitor and control internal and guest Wi-Fi for all those sites was important to us,” said Curtis Windham, IT Support Consultant for the City of Laguna Niguel.

For optimal results the connection had to be on a secure network that would allow content screening for privacy protection. Since the network is tied together, the City decided to build upon the initial investment of the Juniper Networks Wireless LAN Solution that was already installed at City Hall and the Public Library by Blue Violet Networks. Expanding the Wi-Fi amenity into the other destinations using Juniper’s technologies would support the intense wireless activity caused by high traffic and it would ensure uninterrupted connectivity, providing a solution to all their needs.


After working with Blue Violet Networks for over two decades, the City selected BVN again for the install. For 35 years, Blue Violet Networks has installed and supported Enterprise-class IT solutions nationwide with an emphasis in data, making BVN the trusted partner for expanding the Wi-Fi amenity. The engineers at Blue Violet Networks used Juniper’s WLA series since it supports the highest levels of security for both voice and data by providing expansive features to detect and mitigate common attacks.

Before deployment, the engineers determined how many Juniper WLAN Access Points were needed in the additional areas for sufficient user capacity and optimal Wi-Fi coverage. The Access Points provide total internet access for employees and visitors alike. Users simply connect to the network, hit the accept button, and begin browsing.

Blue Violet Networks Installs Enterprise WiFi at City of Laguna Niguel Locations

The Wi-Fi network spanning these locations now runs on an HP Gigabit switch backbone to a Gigabit core switch to optimally position the City for several other applications that support advanced business technologies like outdoor digital signage, which in turn, keeps them at the forefront of cutting-edge digital environments, creating a super highway for a better, faster wireless future.

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