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Lifesize ClearSea HD Video Collaboration

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Our customers voiced their opinions, we listened. They wanted access to one source for an easy way to collaborate that provides outstanding video and audio quality. We searched and evaluated various providers that could deliver an amazing experience, and now, we’re proud to announce our new partnership with LifeSize. Acquired by Logitech in 2009, Lifesize continues to thrive as a pioneer in high-definition video collaboration offering universal video conferencing systems. Imagine seeing everything vividly, hearing everyone clearly and experiencing every moment flawlessly—no matter the device.

Mobile Growth

LifeSize ClearSea Mobile Devices

The BYOD movement has no doubt altered the way we work. According to Gartner, tablets as a whole (consumer and enterprise) will reach 294 million tablets by 2015. The addition of new users and devices alike has increased the need for an integrated video collaboration system that supports several users/mobile devices. With LifeSize ClearSea, users can collaborate on any mobile device, on any network, all at the highest level of HD visual quality.

Visual Technology

The team-work-movement continues to grow every year with the use of visual technology. Both out-of-the-office and in-office users can improve their workflow using the device of their choice. Take field techs who like to troubleshoot with team members off-site, instead of describing the situation, why not show them (in HD) during a video call? In-office users, for instance HR executives, can host remote interviews with potential employees from anywhere whether they’re a LifeSize user or not — all from within an intuitive interface (see screenshot below).

LifeSize interface for video conferencing

LifeSize Clearsea supports the BYOD movement better than any other conferencing solution on the market today. Along with PC and MAC support, Clearsea facilitates HD video calls to all Apple devices as well as 30+ Android devices. ClearSea enables clear HD video collaboration up to 1080p for an immersive, true-to-life experience.

Powerful Collaboration Tools

  • Searchable time ranges by days, hours, minutes, and even seconds
  • Choosing which POS transaction sources to search
  • Searchable text fields
  • Displays intuitive search results in table format
  • Displays recorded HD video of the event alongside transaction data
  • Export event or export to a file

From the boardroom to the browser, from the conference table to the tablet, LifeSize can help you mold a more successful workforce and maintain your competitive edge with the use of visual technology.

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Experience how Lifesize makes HD video calls. Download a 14-day trial or we’ll come to you and setup a unit so you
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