Enterprise IT Disaster Recovery in the Cloud



IT Disaster Recovery in the Cloud:
Preserving the Enterprise When Disaster Strikes

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The incidents of the past decade within the U.S from hurricanes to terrorist attacks have alerted CIOs to ask the question “If disaster hits, how can we ensure business goes on?” Events like natural disasters or internal glitches from server failures, and even hackers maliciously attacking your environment are things that could cripple a business. Stand strong knowing your business communications are securely preserved in the cloud, ready to use from anywhere on any device. The IT Disaster Recovery Plans built on 2013’s advanced cloud-based technologies address the concerns of many CIOs that include restoring crucial IT systems for continuing business as usual with zero down time.


Surprisingly, even after the incidents of the past decade, industry surveys indicate that many organizations still do not have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place, as a result of either budget cuts or limited DR knowledge. But we’re raising awareness to help businesses take the initiative in utilizing DR engineers to safe guard data in the cloud and safe guard the foundation of America’s business continuity.

The Benefits of Disaster Recovery in the Cloud:

  • Cloud Storage: Store it elsewhere in case of failure at your site of business. Store, backup, and replicate for consistent remote access.
  • Cloud Failover: Automatic fail-over of phone systems, desktop applications, video surveillance, email, sensitive documents, etc., for optimal recovery time.
  • Protecting the Cloud with Tier 4/class 1 data centers surrounded by on-premise security guards, biometric systems, and HD video surveillance.
  • Insurance Coverage: Many insurance policies now require having a disaster recovery plan in place.
  • HIPAA & PCI Compliant for government security standards.

…when the time comes, it pays to have an engineer or two on your side.


Building a disaster recovery plan is a complex initiative and nobody understands that better than we do. For 34 years, Blue Violet Networks has deployed enterprise IT solutions nationwide including Enterprise Voice, Video Surveillance, and Data Solutions for organizations ranging from general business and entertainment giants, to city and county government facilities, in addition to school districts and college campuses where technology is the essential backbone of their success. Being emerged in these large organizations over the years has allowed us to construct an essential toolbox of expertise, technologies, and solutions to sculpt the foundation of a sustainable disaster recovery plan for any large enterprise.


We’re here to help. Blue Violet Networks partners with elite cloud carriers like RapidScale and Mitel/VMware to empower businesses with the dynamic group of people and technologies they’ll need to meet the challenges of the next decade.

We Know IT Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

If you don’t have a disaster recovery strategy yet, our engineers will help you design your own strategy. We’ll analyze your environment and recommend a mix of resiliency tools that can help you achieve your recovery targets with zero down time. Due to the drastic advances of 2013’s cloud-based technology, IT disaster recovery for the enterprise has become more attainable and affordable than ever before. We’ve found that in most cases, changing your network from PRI to SIP trunks can not only pay for hosted cloud costs but diminish operating expenses overall. And we’re here 24/7 to guide you along the way.

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Leave the guesswork out. Talk it through with one of our IT engineers to find out how you can establish a strong Disaster Recovery Plan.

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