Mitel UC360 - A Simpler Video Conferencing Tool Unveiled



A Simpler Video Conferencing Tool Unveiled

Mitel UC360 Collaboration Point

Get Your Social On

Most of us aren’t collaborating as much as we’d like to. Why? For many it’s reasons like, the conference room is booked or it takes too much time to set up. For others (non tech-savvy users) if it’s too difficult to initiate or they have to interrupt IT for help it simply won’t be used. Not to mention traditional video conferencing systems, which can be costly to setup or it doesn’t have the latest collab tools built-in. Even with the vast evolution of collaboration tools out there, there still seems to be a shortage of an all-in-one feature-rich option that is affordable for large and small businesses alike. This is where Mitel UC360 Collaboration Point shines—molding workplace collab from a pre-scheduled event into a spontaneous, natural part of the work day.

New Mitel UC360
Collaboration Point

Audio & Video:   $1,795
Audio Use Only:   $995

Finally a first-of-its-kind, all-in-one multimedia collaboration unit, Mitel UC360 addresses a growing demand for an easier, manageable and affordable collaboration tool for the personal office meeting space. It provides multi-party audio/video conferencing, in-room presentation display, and remote collaboration (Watch Mitel's Video Here).

Room-based video conferencing systems can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and immersive telepresence solutions can run 10 or 20 times as much. At those prices, the systems aren't scalable to all users in an organization; most companies can only afford to deploy the technology in only one or two locations, limiting its value and negatively impacting its use. - Frost & Sullivan

Mitel UC360s' open, SIP-compatible, standards-based technology fits effortlessly into existing infrastructures, including other IP-PBX deployments, video collaboration, telepresence, and computing environments. Interoperability has also passed the test with established in-room/video vendors like Polycom and Vidyo.

Why We Dig Mitel UC360:

  1. It’s a single, easy-to-install unit, like plugging in a Mitel IP phone, so there’s no need to bother IT every time you want to use it.
  2. Zero Learning Curve GUI provides a visual indication of the active talker in a 3D environment that animates the talker in the room, while ducking background noise intelligently by fixating the microphone toward the current talker.
  3. Cloud-ready (Dropbox and Google Docs™)
  4. 5 one-touch buttons on the touchscreen interface for dedicated Home, Menu, Back, Mute, Volume Up/Down functions which make for faster adjustments.
  5. Need to bring in a last-minute consultant? No problem. The UC360 unit makes it easy to call “a friend” outside of the conference bridge even when the bridge is full.
  6. As an alternative to traditional boardroom conferencing systems it’s deployable as multiple units in offices, small meeting rooms, common areas—and you don't even need a Mitel system to use it!
  7. Since it integrates naturally into the work day with its Zero-Learning-Curve-User-Interface, technology doesn‘t get in the way of creativity and innovation, it empowers it!

Mitel UC360 Collaboration Point

Ready to Improve Collaboration?

For those who don’t have an existing collaboration system in place—or those who do and want more options—Mitel UC360 may be the perfect solution to help improve business collaboration.

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