Trapeze Wireless Network (LAN)

Trapeze Wireless Network (LAN)


Trapeze Networks provides all the components required to deploy a NonStop Wireless LAN for any size enterprise. The solution includes Mobility System Software, a full line of Mobility Exchange controllers, and Mobility Point access points, as well as the award winning RingMaster wireless management suite.

Smart Mobile overcomes all the limitations of current-generation WLANs through breakthrough technology called “intelligent switching”—a significant evolution and advance over today’s limited WLAN architectures.


Smart Mobile’s intelligent switching combines both centralized and distributed data forwarding based on the requirements of the underlying application, resulting in optimized traffic flow, reduced latency, and ultra high performance—all without the high cost of upgrading network controller infrastructure.


Smart Mobile for the first time enables organizations to cost effectively deploy secure, massively scalable enterprise WLANs that support the most demanding data and voice applications while providing unlimited reach both indoors and outdoors.

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