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Why We Chose to Partner with Juniper Networks for Wireless LAN

wireless LAN for the enterprise from Juniper
Founded in 1996, Juniper continues to lead the charge to architecting wireless LAN (WLAN) solutions providing secure, scalable connectivity for mobile users and every one of their Wi-Fi enabled devices. It meets the mobility needs of today’s enterprises by delivering the highest levels of reliability, scalability, management, and security.

Partnering with Juniper allows us to offer our customers an advanced architecture that is designed specifically for mobility. With a sophisticated lineup of advanced controllers, access points, and administrative tools, Juniper powers nonstop indoor and outdoor mobility for enterprises of any size:
  • Fortune 100
  • Government
  • Hospitality
  • Financial
  • Retail Institutions

With Juniper's WLAN solution, Blue Violet Networks can build end-to-end, high-performance wireless infrastructures that deliver a seamless, secure, and reliable mobility experience regardless of where, when, or how our customers and their users access the network.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Juniper Networks WLAN for the Enterprise

When there’s a power outage, our customers can count on all wireless sessions on a Juniper WLAN system to seamlessly fail over to a backup controller, with zero service disruption.

IT administrators can manage an entire group of controllers as one logical entity. Juniper’s unmatched manageability and scalability is built into the network, allowing IT staff to manage the network with fewer resources.

Combined mobile device management with mobile security, Juniper delivers the best end user mobile experience and the most streamlined workload for IT administrators. Our customers get a complete end-to-end system for provisioning and onboarding mobile devices to the wireless network. Check out this YouTube video: "How to Protect Your Mobile Life"

Minimize the need for controllers in every building by consolidating. Using advanced traffic forwarding architecture allows customers to deploy entirely in the data center, getting a cost-effective and manageable WLAN solution.

Juniper has a unified security policy that fortifies wireless security enabling IT managers to apply consistent, role-based security policies across-the-board for the most secure network around.

Solutions for Wireless LANs

Blue Violet Networks offers the wla321 series LAN access points

WLA Series Wireless LAN Access Points
Complete access point, spectrum analysis, mesh and bridging services. The WLA series provides reliable mobility indoors and outdoors for any Wi-Fi device, enabling scalable deployment of wireless VOIP, video and location services.

WLC Series Wireless LAN Controllers
WLC Series Wireless LAN Controllers enable seamless integration of reliable, scalable and secure, wireless LANs with existing wired infrastructures. A broad range of controllers will serve installations of any size delivering seamless mobility and nonstop wireless availability.

Blue Violet Networks partners with Juniper to bring the wlc2800 to enterprises

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