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Physical Security

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When it comes to security, we stop at nothing. Our comprehensive, multi-level, biometric security system is engineered to protect your mission-critical IT assets. And our tightly controlled operating environment and deliberately nondescript facility ensure that your data and systems are safe and secure.


We monitor the physical security of Data Center, around the clock, with a full staff of security personnel at our on-site Security Control Center. And while they're keeping an eye on the premises, engineers in our Network Operations Center are constantly monitoring facility operations and data security.


The facility's physical surveillance includes pan-tilt-and-zoom digital recording cameras, 360-degree perimeter and roof observation, event-driven intrusion detection systems, and locked-down floor tiles with an under-floor intrusion detection system.


Our security access controls ensure that only authorized customers have access to the facility. Pin-code access keypads, proximity card readers, and biometric iris scanners monitor every access point. Weight sensitive portals control multi-person entries. And the system monitors and logs the entry and exit of each visitor to our facility and/or customer cages. So our security staff has constant knowledge of the whereabouts and activities of all individuals within our Data Center. Learn more about access control systems.

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