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Keri Systems opened its doors over 20 years ago leading the charge in sophisticated access control and integrated security systems, including digital video, photo badging and alarm monitoring. Keri offers a seamless integration between your access control and telephone entry systems—all managed from one interface. With things like integrated HD video you’ll be able to monitor your facility live with the ease-ability of searching recorded video. Now businesses can intelligently manage who accesses the facility, the times of day they can enter, which is easy to use, all with a fully integrated Keri Access Control system.

Partnering with Keri Systems allows us to offer our customers an advantage in managing facilities of all types and sizes, from a few doors at a single location to thousands of doors around the world. The ability to manage who gets in and out of a secure area with just a few keystrokes adds peace-of-mind. Keri’s features are expandable and built to impress:

Keri’s features are expandable and built to impress:

  • Design and print photo IDs for employees
  • Control access of vehicles to parking areas behind security gates
  • Easy deployment over your existing network
  • Some of the best warranties in the industry
  • Software is easy to use
  • Residential building access with a push of a button allow residents to grant access to friends and family Software
A powerful new application for the NXT TCP/IP-based hardware platform offering integrated video, alarm reporting & prioritization, photo badging (optional), remote management, and a host of other features all within an easy-to-use platform that closely resembles the Microsoft Office UI.
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Reflections Video
A user interface for video integration spanning multiple video manufacturer platforms. Reflections is a video solution, for Keri's Doors.NET access control software, that enhances the features of many DVR/NVR manufacturers without requiring a DVR or NVR.
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Mercury PoweredNXT
Mercury Security and Keri Systems have partnered to enhance the capabilities of Eclipse.NET and Doors.NET customers utilizing the NXT hardware platform of TCP/IP-based controllers. These controllers bring additional features and functionality.
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V-Track Vehicle ID
The new long range V-Track system enables hands-free vehicle access control that’s ideal for fleet control, parking lots, gated communities, and garages.
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Gain ultimate flexibility, whether scaling up or down, with Keri's Enterprise-class Access Control and Security Management System. Scale up to millions I/O Points and/or 500K doors, with the ease ability to downscale for smaller capacity systems.
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